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The Geomar TrackMaker61MK2 system consists of two programs: field data acquisition component (NAV61MK2) and the Windows (98/2K/XP) based data processing software (TrackMaker61MK2). The program NAV61MK2 is designed for Allegro field computer (same program designed for Pro4000 is included), although, if necessary it can be used with any other IBM compatible computer running an MS DOS operating system and equipped with two serial ports.

TrackMaker61MK2 software works with virtually any GPS receiver by supporting NMEA messages: GGA, POS, GLL, LLQ, LLK, GGK, and Leica Robotics Total Station TPS1100, and collects EM61-MK2 and GPS data into one file simultaneously, while providing a graphical view of the collected GPS positions to better control the survey line direction. A profile view of the collected EM61-MK2 data is provided for the improvement of field data quality analysis.

View from NAV61MK2 program running on the Allegro Field PC
Profile Mode Navigation Mode
Profile Mode Navigation Mode

The NAV61MK2 also provides a view of any previously collected data files with a Geonics instrument that is supported by the TrackMaker or Multi software and will assists the operator to return to previously collected stations. This allows for the easy and fast location of the last recorded positions, insert additional survey lines with finer spacing in critical areas, or simply repeat survey lines with another instrument.

In addition to acquiring EM61MK2 data the system will convert any Field PC to a stand-alone logger for GPS/DGPS data collection, taking away the need to purchase additional more expensive GPS components