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The TrackMaker system will allow you to perform surveys faster by covering sites with uniformly spaced lines while avoiding skipping areas, and preventing the potential overlap of survey lines. And with these features also comes the simultaneous full control of the electromagnetic instrument output, data quality and current settings.

In the event of any field obstruction you can resume your survey line at a precise location, without using conventional methods of positioning (tapes, stakes, etc.). You can complete your survey even with low visibility or darkness and still maintain full control over the area of coverage and the quality of electromagnetic instrument readings.

Assuming the initial easy setup of the program is performed at least once, you can then locate yourself in the field and monitor the instrument data within a few minutes of starting the survey. The program displays a map (at a user specified scale) which shows your current position and all the recorded positions in real time. The employed GPS receiver will be the determining factor for the accuracy of your positioning.

Each TrackMaker program has been optimized for each instrument to take full advantage of its capabilities and varying data output.

Please click on corresponding name of the conductivity meter or metal detector to view detailed description of TrackMaker features for a specific instrument.