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Two new basic lines of software exist, the TrackMaker and Multi (multi-unit software). The software supports several NMEA messages which make it compatible with virtually any GPS receiver. In addition, support for protocol of Leica Robotics Total Station is provided. Each TrackMaker and Multi software package consists of two programs: the field data acquisition component and the Windows based data processing software.

The TrackMaker package is designed to allow the operator to collect EM data and GPS positions simultaneously into a single data file, while providing a graphical view of the collected GPS stations and current operator position in real time. This feature helps the operator by providing superior control over the surveyed path and line direction. It also prevents the potential for skipping areas and overlapping survey lines without loosing control over the EM data quality and instrument settings, which are updated continuously on the screen in real time.
Individual TrackMaker software packages have been developed to support the following Geonics instruments: EM31-MK2, EM61-MK2, EM61, EM38, EM38B, and EM38DD.

The Multi family of programs provides simultaneous collection of EM readings and GPS positions for multiple systems set up as an array of instruments. Readings from the instruments (maximum 5 units) and GPS receiver are stored on a single field computer and in one data file. The associated Windows based data processing program positions each instrument sensor based on the GPS data, array geometry and instant heading of the system. The Multi software exists for the following Geonics instruments: EM61-MK2, EM61, and EM31-3.

The LTG family of programs, developed in 1998/99 provides simultaneous collection of EM readings and GPS positions for users employing EM31 or EM38 with Polycorder 600 and Trimble PathFinder ProXRS receivers. This software is supported, however due to a limited hardware support and available speed of data aquisition it will not be developed further.