Brochures for Windows Mobile and Windows 7/XP programs
RTmap61MK2 Brochure (.pdf 485 KB)
RTmap38MK2 Brochure (.pdf 599 KB)
RTmap31 Brochure (.pdf 534 KB)
TrackMaker31 Brochure (.pdf 468 KB)
TrackMaker61MK2 Brochure
(.pdf 504 KB)
TrackMaker38 Brochure (.pdf 523 KB)
TrackMaker601 Brochure (.pdf 1,254 KB)
TrackMaker823 Brochure (.pdf 361 KB)
ML61MK2xpn Brochure (.pdf 554 KB)

Brochures for legacy Allegro DOS programs
TrackMaker31 Brochure (.pdf 375 KB)
TrackMaker61MK2 Brochure
(.pdf 386 KB)
TrackMaker38 Brochure (.pdf 404 KB)
TrackMaker61 Brochure (.pdf 413 KB)
Multi61MK2 Brochure (.pdf 459 KB)

Free Software
(The free software is provided AS IS. There is no support for these programs. However, any suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated and will be taken into consideration for future improvements or new releases.)

R-Elevation V1.04 (SetupRE.exe 2.3 MB)
Retrieves elevation data from Geonics raw instrument files
TTS (SetupTTS.msi 332 KB)
Changes column delimiter from TAB to Space in GPS ASCII files

Other Documents
LTG31 Cable Configuration (.pdf 160 KB)
LTG38 Cable Configuration (.pdf 120 KB)